Meet Lilly Rose

Hi, I’m Lilly. Lilly Rose. I was born in July 2017, in Devon, on a farm near the sea. My adoptive mummy and daddy came to visit me when I was just six weeks old. They came back two weeks later and and it was time to say goodbye to the pack (my mum’s on the far left, she’s an English Show Cocker Spaniel and my dad’s next to her, the mad looking poodle).


We went on a long car journey back home to London. They thought it would take four hours, it took seven. It just turned out to be the day before the new school year started. I got really used to being in the car that day, now it’ one of my favorite ways to travel. When I got home the first faces I met were those of my new brothers, two black kitties from South Africa. They’re thirteen years old now but they can still run fast when I chase them. Sometimes I wait for them at the cat flap.


I’m confident, loving and strong-willed. I’ve also been described as ‘nippy’ (I like wriggling through your legs) and ‘a poser’ (people often ask my mum if they can take pictures of me,  especially when I’m out and about in my travel bag). My mum likes to take photos of me too, and she posts a lot of the best ones on this site.








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