Time for a dip

It’s LR’s first summer and with that beautiful silky coat of hers we thought we’d install a small pool to help cool things down. Well, it’s less of an ‘installation’ and more of a big bowl. But it does the job.

When the big day came, everyone was a little puzzled about the new delivery. We unwrapped it when daddy got home.



As she’s never been allowed close to a pool, we took some baby steps to get her involved. We only filled it up a few inches deep. Here’s what worked for us:

  1. I threw in a tennis ball to get her focused. Then took it out so that she could see it was wet (that’s what happens to things go in the pool) UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_248a
  2. I threw it in again and added a frozen carrot or so to the mix. The carrots sink to the bottom and provide a new kind of challenge. A bit of frustrated barking followed.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2460
  3. Finally, to make getting in irresistible, I floated her silicon travel bowl on the water with a few yummy treats inside. This did the trick. UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2498

It turned out to be a great idea and I’ve seen lots of pics recently on Instagram with other poo parents doing the same (follow LR on @lillyrosecockapoo).

The best five things we’ve found about having this little pool around:

  1. Cooling LR down when the thermometer hits the twenty-somethings
  2. Teaching her not to be scared of water
  3. KEEPING HER BUSY (AKA out of mischief)
  4. Helping us clean her dirty paws without her even knowing it’s happening
  5. Cooling our feet while we sip our wine (oh, yes that’s more of a benefit for us 🙂

It’s just marvellous! Simply the best thing for tired, hot paws (and feet).


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