Spring time is for exploring!

After a short break in the programme, it seems Spring is back! Yay, that means more day trips. One great find we recently discovered is Black Park in Buckinghamshire. It includes a nature reserve as well as an area designated a ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest’. But it’s just great as a dog walking destination!


Getting there is pretty easy, although Google Maps did take us to the nearby Pinewood Studios, where LR and I got out the car to ask for directions. This turned out to be a little confusing as the road sign we were looking for had fallen down, but we eventually plugged in the adventure park ‘Go Ape’ and that worked a treat.

There’s a good-sized parking area which is a big plus. It’s also a lot less congested than most London parks and there’s less chance of coming across picnickers and football matches, as most visitors seem to be there to simply take in the fresh air, walk/ run around the lake or explore the woodlands.



There’s a lovely café for a coffee and a snack afterwards. They even serve gluten-free Victoria Sponge which is one of my favs. (Dogs are free to roam but need to be on a lead at the lakeside close to the café area, and on the terrace.)

Given the weather forecast, a drive out there could indeed be on the cards again this weekend. That means more exciting stories for LR to tell her brothers!


On the flip-side, it could also be a good weekend to tackle some weeding in the garden by the looks of things!

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