Getting ready for snow-time

Gabanna had been moaning all morning, he wanted the snow and cold to end.


But fun in the snow, it’s just what I wanted. I love to play in it, eat it, dig it up. I’m a snow dog. Mummy ordered me a special Equafleece suit to keep my body warm and dry. It sounded okay in theory but aaarg, what an ordeal to get it on. Maybe it’ll get easier next time (if there is a next time). It felt really odd to be all wrapped up. I wasn’t sure whether to hide or what.


My kitty brother wasn’t sure about it either, but mummy said I looked pretty in pink, so I eventually came around to the idea. I guess it does feel like being wrapped in a blanket.




Off we went for our walk. And when we got back it was time to lose the suit! Warm and dry as promised, I stood by the door pretending I ‘needed’ to go out. Low and behold, I got out into the garden for a real romp in the snow, sans suit, just the way I like it! Followed by a nice icy, chicken-filled Nylabone.





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