Route 46 to Hyde Park

It was a highlight of our week. I wanted to do a test run of how best to get to Hyde Park for the monthly Doodle meet up organised by Miss Darcy. So off we went on the number 46. It took half an hour to get there, but the bus stops right outside the park gates which is fantastic. LR loved being on a long lead, meeting one or two friends and having a sniff, running in the mud and seeing the ducks!


I was so looking forward to Sunday, seeing LR with a bunch of other Cockapoos and her excited little body leaping for joy. (We don’t get to meet many dogs as I’m still a scaredy-cat to let her off lead in the park as her recall is probably 5/10.) But with the cold weather that blew in, we decided it was a long time to spend in the icy cold wind. 😦

The winter sun actually made an appearance on Sunday morning – and maybe we should have gone, but by that time it was too late and we were wrapped up at home dreaming of warm places. We’re off to the South of France next month and we just can’t wait to take her to the beach! Any tips on how to teach a dog to swim?




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