Introducing Dolce and Gabanna

I thought I’d just introduce my kitty brothers, as they feature quite a lot in our stories. Dolce and Gabanna are fourteen-year-old South African kitties. (Yes, I know Gabanna is usually spelt with a double b, single n, but the vet kept getting it wrong and this is the name that ended up on his passport when he flew over from Johannesburg, so now it’s stuck.)

Gabanna’s on the left, Dolce’s on the right.


My mum always said Gabs was on the heavy side, but if you ask me they both look pretty slim when it comes to your typical UK cat. Gabs prefers the flattering ‘top view’ camera angle, as below.


Dolce never get’s shouted at, no matter what’s going down at home. Dad often says that Dolce gets away with murder (I think he’s a bit jealous as little Dolce does seem to have a special place in the pecking order).


And yes, there have indeed been numerous murders at the house. Mainly rats. Dolce leaves them in the kitchen because he knows Dad will get a fright when he finds them. When I used to sleep in my crate overnight, I even witnessed one or two horrible episodes! Naughty kitties!




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