Have you met my dog?

Little LR had her lap spay on Tuesday. What worried me most were the instructions from the vet – post op: “Try to keep her calm, perhaps contain her in one room, take her out on a lead for 5 mins a few times a day and after a couple of days you can increase walking time, but only on flat ground.”

The only conclusion I can come to is that neither the Vet nor the nurse have ever owned a puppy, or maybe it’s just a cockapoo thing! This is our first dog so she’s all we know – but keeping her calm is just not an option. In fact, after the first two days post op (she had pain pills for 72 hours) she bounced back, bouncier than ever. Jumping up and running wild around the house. Chasing the cats for their lives.

In hindsight, we did make a massive error by allowing her on the sofa the evening she came home from the Vet. But she was sleeping sitting up. Just beyond tired, and every time she’d lie down, she wake up with a start due to this new cape she was ‘wearing’. Now she loves launching her self into the furniture! She makes it onto the sofa, but unfortunately the bed is a bit higher and she usually nose dives!



I can’t shout at her for everything. I think she’s already become pretty numb to me shrieking. Help!


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