Early days

LR’s early puppy days are what inspired me to share some of the many funny, silly, trying, magical moments.

When we brought her home we knew that crate training was a priority and had everything all set up. But when it came down to it, it was hard to leave her and put her to bed. She whined quite a bit that night but by the second night she was in her groove – she’s been happy, sparky and waggy-tailed every morning since.

For the first few days she ran around like a mad thing but could only keep it up for twenty minutes or so before collapsing in a heap, usually on top of what ever was lying around.

Of course there was the chewing (that’s an ongoing story) but the digging started in earnest too.

She was growing before our eyes, every morning we’d swear she’d grown overnight. When you take pictures everyday, it’s not hard to see how quickly she’s grown.

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